Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why so mean ?

It is happening again !
Am I just just unlucky or do I have it coming ? Twice now in a decade two individuals have lied to discredit my character. The things they are telling my friends are completely untrue and can be proven so. A few examples are; I beat my wife, I say the "F" word in public places constantly, I say degrading things about my friend's wife, The police are at my house constantly, and on and on. All and more completely untrue. I hardly know these people that are saying these things. What do they have to gain, are they jealous ? What can they gain by doing this ? I saw a lawyer to seek legal action to stop the lies, but the lawyer tells me it is not unlawful to lie, nothing legally can be done. I ask you, what can I do ? the answer is simple, "my true friends know I would never do these things they are stating about me"..
Jonathan (jack) Demaree