Thursday, December 29, 2011

A year to remember.

The most remembered was my moon bounce (EME) contacts, two Ripley County newspapers published the stories. Lots of new friends were made and the two people that have made my life a pure nightmare seem to have let up on the lies and harassment. We were blessed with a new dog called Taco. A new form of Ham Radio digital communication was set up called JT65HF, hundreds of contacts with very low power (QRP) were achieved. A new tri-band yagi beam was erected and performed perfect allowing contacts worldwide. My wind turbine and solar panels were the talk of the town. My web page business (Ripley Computer Service) prospered. My wife and I were able to celibate our 45th wedding anniversary. We spent $$$$ on squirrel and bird feed. A new web cam was placed on the town square. Live streaming audio from my digital radio scanner was set up and continues to have many listeners. Our health continues to be very good. There are lots of other good things that have taken place and I am looking forward to the coming of 2012......... Jack