Thursday, December 22, 2011

Patsy Cline - Again

Back just about a year ago I wrote this same post. Sometimes my mine wonders of years ago, Today it stopped on the great songs of Patsy Cline. I played a few songs but remembered a past post I had done in this Blog. A quick search found this one, Yes its a repeat post, but I still think it to be a great repeat. So I give you the Late Great Patsy Cline again..... Jack

I was setting in a club bar having a beer after the day was done when a young couple came in. The male ordered a beer and the girl ordered a coke, it was plane to see the girl was under 21. She strolled back to the back where the juke box was located. She stood infront of it for quite a while, she then retured to the bar and said to the barmaid,"What kind of a bar is this? there is no Patsy Cline songs on that juke box". This incident has always stuck in my mine because this cute little girl was not even 21 years old and Patsy Cline had died some 20+ years before she was born. This just shows that Patsy Cline's music will live forever. Hear some of her songs on YouTube and read about her life at Wikipedia
See/hear a Youtube video of Patsy