Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Versailles Town Square Live

Thanks to the Ripley County Red Cross for allowing me to place a camera focused on the court house and town square. This camera will upload a photo every minute 24/7. The morning sun will blank out the image, so the best time to view it is in the afternoon hours. The after dark image is surprisingly good. The image is in the lower right of the web page, the other images are cameras located at my home, they are not uploaded all the time. You will see the last image taken though. I hope I can keep the courthouse camera online, but it is a hassle because it is not accessible but a few hours a day. All of the computer equipment and camera is old spare parts I had on hand, so I hope it holds up. A state of the art system would cost about $1000.00 to install. Keep your fingers crossed so the equipment holds up.
See the Web Page here

Well it looks like it quit ...... May be this is a bad idea, I will try to get it back online as soon as I can.... FLASH - I just ordered a 1.3 Megapixel camera, give me about a week to get it and get it online.