Saturday, November 13, 2010

End of another Versailles landmark

Everyone from Versailles, Indiana will remember this mulberry tree, although you may not have know it was in fact a mulberry tree. It stood in the Austin yard across from the Tyson Church. It is well over 100 years old as I can find no one that can remember it not being there. As a kid I can remember hiding under it's branches and eating a few berries. It always looked a little spooky as I passed on my way to the show on Sunday afternoon or Ma' Curry's to eat lunch at school noon hour. I was coming back home from mailing a package at the post office and seen a man and woman with saws and rakes. I passed and checked to see if my camera was in the glove box, it was, I drove around the block and took the photo of this landmark that like so many others has now disappeared forever. I thought to myself, there goes another piece of Versailles history. I am so glad I had taken the photo when the tree was up and standing in it's glory. I know people of Versailles will miss this tree and will remember it as they would an old friend....... Jack Demaree

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