Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Murphy has been outsmarted

After climbing the tower (i'm too old for that) and removing an antenna that I hardly ever used, then installing a new 10 element 2 meter yagi beam I found that the rotor did not work. woe as me ! I had a very good (too good) rotor in the shed but there was no rotor wire to hook it up. I ordered 100 foot of wire at a cost of 60 dollars (copper has gone up) and hooked it up for the test. Yep it worked fine but it was 95 degrees so the job of installation went on hold till it cooled down some. Last night a light bulb went off in my head but I had to wait for my wife this afternoon to get home before I could try the idea. I had her move the control box back and forth while I climbed the tower. I foolishly stood at the tip top holding the beam rocking it back and forth. By the way she gave me some good advice,"don't fall off", she said. Well I didn't and when I got down I hit the switch and low and behold it turned. I called another Ham in Seymour then one in Milan and it worked perfect. Now does anyone want to buy $60 worth of rotor cable I now have no need for? Murphy was defeated this time but he is just around the corner waiting for me I have a feeling !