Friday, June 18, 2010

Comcast, What ever happened to Service

After the thunder storm that ripped across Indiana on Tuesday evening I am back on the air. Just a few minutes after the wind severed the coax from the cable TV hardline to my home stopping the signal that provides my internet and TV. A call was made in just a few minutes to Comcast advising that the line was broken and down. The rest of the night and a full day passed with no service. I called and reported it again Wednesday evening and I was told it would be fixed on Thursday. At five PM Thursday I called again. I was told I was number 9 and the crew was just finishing number 8 and the repair crew would be at my home between 5 and 8 PM. You guested it, no one showed. I called at 10 AM Friday and was put on hold for 20 minutes then cut off. I called again and was put on hold for at least 10 minutes again, Then I was told I would get a call back in one hour or less with more information on when service would be restored. No call back at all, never! I have a friend that went to school with a Comcast supervisor, My friend called his friend to tell him I was out of service. The Comcast supervisor said he was working just West of town and would be at my home in 20 minutes. He arrived and 1/2 hour later I had internet service. The supervisor told me he or his crew didn't even know I was out of service and had never been told of the outage. I am thankful that the internet and TV service doesn't fail to often, if it did I'd think about going back to dial-up.......... What happened to good service ???????