Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Acer Aspire Revo AR1600-U910H

I received the Revo yesterday hooked it up to a small flat screen and began to remove all the garbage software that comes pre-loaded. This took about 1/2 hour. I set the screensaver and power settings to suet my style, then set it up on my home network without a hitch. I then hooked it to my 42 inch plasma TV via a HDMI cable. A snag was enchanted here as no audio came out of the TV speakers. I have never figured out the problem but I didn't want the TV speakers active anyway. Instead I run the earphone output into my surround sound amp with a patch cord. I also hooked up a ADESSO wireless RF keyboard. This lets me set in my easy chair to surf and control the computer. I now have access to the other 5 computers on the network. I can play music, watch movies, play YouTube & Hulu files on the big screen. This is not a drawback for me,but there is no CD/DVD drive in the Revo, I can load files from my network or flash thumb drive. All in all this is a great little light duty computer and at a cost of only $200 it will fill most peoples needs. Don't forget it comes with no monitor, but even if you have none, you can get a used CRT for less than $25 or better yet hook it to your new digital TV.
I forgot to say this computer is about the size of a ham sandwich on white bread (very small)
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