Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Our first TV

1952 was a big year for me as this was when our family received it's first TV. It was an RCA 17 inch and was installed by a new TV shop that was located in Dillsboro, Indiana, Sorry I cant remember the name. We had a two story farm home and the double X antenna was mounted as high on the roof as posible. We received a perfect picture on three channels, 5, 9, & 12 all from Cincinnati, Ohio. If you are old enough you will enjoy viewing some of the YouTube videos of the first shows I seen and they are listed below. Another page I found on this subject that contains lots of facts about early Cincinnati TV is at:

Bob Shreve

Paul Dixon Show

Ruth Lyons 50 - 50 Club

1955 WLWT-TV Weathercast
Tony Sands

WLWT-TV: 50 Years on 5 - Part 1
There are 13 parts in this series - search for each by just changing the part number. ie, "WLWT-TV: 50 Years on 5 - Part 2" and so on.