Sunday, April 27, 2008

Eagle Sighted

Eagle sighted

Today (Sat.) at 12 noon I was on my way to the Legion Post to have lunch with a few friends. I started the car and pulled to the end of the drive waiting for cars to pass. I seen what I thought was a hawk as it was not flying like a buzzard but was as big. I then seen the white patch on the tail and I knew then it was an eagle. I slammed the car in park jumped out and ran to the house for my camera. I grabbed the camera bag and changed the lens to telephoto. I then ran back outside, but on the way I yelled at my wife to come outside to see the eagle. She said, "a what"? by this time I was looking all over the sky but nothing was seen but a few swallows. Yep I missed the photo. This was the first eagle I have ever seen outside of the ones on TV. Many people near Versailles have seen them over the park lake and it is reported there is a nest on the shore of the lake. Yes I missed the shot but my camera is now setting on the table with the correct lens waiting for the next one, that is if one ever comes above my home again.
The above photo was taken by Lincoln Karim from New York city