Monday, April 28, 2008

Hackers attack My Pages

Monday about noon I received a phone call from SKFuneralHome telling me their web page had been hacked. It had a big black banner with a link for the viewer to click, and I hope no one did. A call to my host and ask if they had a back-up of the pages. The did but they could not tell me how resent it was. They do a back-up twice a month but the obituaries must be timely. I told them not to restore the pages. I keep back-ups of all the pages I do and they are up to date. So after a few hours of keyboard pounding I had all my customer's web sites back to normal and as they looked before the attack. Now I must change all the pass words and permissions. I will never understand why hackers want to destroy pages, Why don't they put their talent to good use. You have to be much smarter about computers and networks than I to break into a domain and change the content as they did. I am just thankful I could repair the damage.