Friday, March 28, 2008

To my fateful viewers

For all my fateful viewers of my pages they (most) will not be viewable (is that a word) from Friday midnight 3/28/08 till 9 AM Sunday morning. This is because my Web host is moving from Kentucky to Columbus Ohio. They promise much faster service but we will see. They have gave perfect service in the past years I have used them. If you need a Web host I can certainly recommend IX Web Hosting. My Blog and public photo pages will still be online, but all others will be off-line. Tune back in Sunday after 9 AM ........ This will also effect all of the companies I do pages for, such as, SK Funeral Home, Filters Funeral Home, French Survey, Bosch Lights, BW Ball Hitch, John H Mann, The Master's Message, Ripley Computer Services and others...... Sorry, I know it will be a big disappointment to you.