Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Time Zone

Yesterday afternoon I was helping a friend install Verizon DSL service, It did not connect after trying everything in my bag of tricks. I knew better but I had no alternative, I called their DSL help line. The call was like most I have experianced in the past, "Mam I can not understand you", "Can you repeat that", "Could you say that again", and on and on. This gal was in literally another time zone. She told me the tech / repair man would call between 9am and 3pm on March 29th. One problem, it was 4:10pm March 29 when she told me this. I said,"what day do you think this is? she said something I could not understand, then ask if I had pets? I said no. She then stated the person at the location would have to be 18 years old, I replied, We are all old people that live here. I kept looking at my watch and the time was marching on and on. I had to be home at 4:30. This call took about 45 minutes but if she could speak and understand the English language it could have taken place in 20 minutes or less I'm sure. Here is a funny video that a friend sent, It just about sums up what takes place on the other end of your phone call.