Thursday, March 06, 2008

Matt's Today In History

When I was in school I hated history class as it was covering to far in the past. There was nothing that I felt I would ever need in my life. I still think this way. What I think should have been taught started in about 1750 through 1945. We learned nothing of the war years that I consider to be so important. My kids know nothing of WW2 at all. History now is a love and I spend much time surfing the net for articles and stories of the past.

I have been listening to Matt's Today In History for some time and I thought I would pass this page on to you. You may like it, if you do bookmark it and check it daily to hear about the past.

Intro to his page:
Everything that came before us has helped to define the world we inhabit today. Matt's Today in History is a short podcast that brings you the story of an event that took place on today's date at some time in the past. From sobering to silly, from before the Roman Empire to the fall of Communism and beyond, we cover it all, a little at a time. We are all standing on yesterday. Begin your own journey of discovery with Matt's Today in History!

Here is a link to the History Channel's This Day In History page. A new short video each day at: