Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Juiced Up Youtube =

You will need broadband for this one - sorry dial-uppers.
This is basically a juiced up youtube, LOTS BETTER AUDIO AND VIDEO than youtube, it does require the divx webplayer plugin, but its a small download and its worth it to me for the superior quality, check it out, there are all kinds of music, sports, movies, and etc. Check it out at:
Use Fire Fox browser to to follow the above link. Internet Explorer should work but I have not tried it to get the pug in. You can save these videos to your hard drive also, just wait till the buffer is completely full, then right click.
Play with Fire Fox browser to view from your hard drive.
Here are two of my favorites, but there are hundreds more that will fit your taste.

Faith Hope and Charity

An epic historical WW2 drama based on the actual defence of Malta.
1 hour

What happened to flight 19
This movie is based on a true story only with Monty Dan's view on what happened.
30 minutes