Thursday, September 06, 2007

Delorme Street Atlas 2007

It all began in the year 2004 when a small GPS unit and mapping software was installed on a notebook computer. The GPS location was displayed on the 15 inch display and was so accrete it was unbelievable. I was so happy with the performance and low price. It came the year 2007 and the software company Delorme notified me of upgraded maps I could install at a reduced price. I bout the upgrade and it installed without a hitch. I was happy again. Now still 2007 I purchased this new laptop that had the Vista operating system (OS) and I wanted to load the GPS software on it. I popped the first CD of three into the drive and after a mouse click or two an error message appeared. It would go no further. I went to the Delorme site on the Web to find a work around solution. I navigated to the customer service page with no help, then the tech support page, no help there either. I looked for a phone number but could not locate one. I found a search box and typed the error message. Boom, up popped a few suggestions, none applied to my problem. But wait, way down at the bottom of the page was in very small print, “ Vista users call 800-xxx-xxx”. A call was placed and a very understandable English speaking man answered. I told him the problem and he tells me I need the up-graded 2008 software. He told me he could send it out for $39.95. I said, “don’t you think after me buying 2004 and 2007 I should get it for free”? Well he did not think this was a very good idea at all. He said Delorme was not a non-profit company, but he did agree to sell me the upgrade for $15. I said, “if you can drop from $40 down to $15 you could drop down to nothing. He did not like this idea of mine either. The conversation went on and on but the negotiation stopped at $15. I ask him to let me talk to his boss. He said sure and put me on hold………. Forever, I hung up after twenty minutes, an old trick they all use. Not to give up I called a geek friend that I knew that has a Vista machine running the Delorme GPS software. I asked him if he had the 2008 upgrade. To my surprise he said no, it was 2007. I told him 2007 would not load on my machine. He said yes he had the same problem but all you have to do is load 2005 and then 2007. You can delete 2005 after the 2007 install. I ask if he could lone me 2005 and as luck would have it he was coming to Versailles in an hour or so. He dropped off the disk, I loaded 2005, then 2007, plugged in the GPS receiver and off it went. It works perfect. You say it was illegal to get the 2005 software from him, I guess it was but only for about five minutes as the 2005 was only on my machine for a short time, then removed. I only used it as a patch. Yes the joys of Vista continues and will keep on repeating time after time. This I’m sure is not the end of the Vista saga…………… jackDemaree