Saturday, June 23, 2007

Versailles Live online scanner

I upgraded to a new computer and it has Vista for the operating system. I like to listen to your online scanner but with Medea Player 11 that came with Vista I can't understand how to connect. Can you help. Thank you, Tom

Versailles online scanner (not always online)
Go here for instructions on Versions 7 - 10

Open/Run Medea Player

(1) On (Vista) Medea Player 11 Right Click to the Right of the two arrows
at the top. Mouse Over "File", Then Left Click "Open URL"

(2) Type in or copy & Paste:
Click "OK"
Look at the bottom left and you should see "buffering"
playing xx K Bits / seconds
Now just wait a few seconds to hear the audio.
It is not always online, (when I go to bed it goes off) if you can't connect try again later.
Thanks for your question Tom.
Happy listening,