Sunday, June 24, 2007

Be free from viruses, pop-ups, spyware

Wanna know how to keep your computer free from viruses, pop-ups, spyware, and other junk? Here’s how to do it without installing a single piece of software:

* Tell all the males in your house to quit surfing for porn
* Buy CDs and rip the tracks from there
* Get a Netflix or Blockbuster account instead of using BitTorrent
* Instead of looking for software cracks / serials, look for coupons
* Stop operating in Administrator mode

Adhering to these five points (and forcing your family or roommates to do the same) should be enough to cut your risk by 90%, I’m guessing. You could do more to protect yourself, though, if you feel the need to download something:

* Download drivers through official (or sanctioned) sources
* Avoid unnecessary browser toolbars, plugins, or enhancements - and if you’re not sure if a toolbar is TRULY necessary, don’t install it
* Read through every bit of a software installer process to ensure you’re not adding something that you don’t need and/or want - and if you’re not a geek, don’t install ANYTHING without first asking permission
* Think twice before clicking on links sent to you by email or IM - especially if they prompt you to log in somewhere or download something else
* Surf through OpenDNS servers for automatic Web site typo correction as well as an extra layer of phishing filters

That’s probably worth another 10% as far as protection from spyware / viruses are concerned. If you wanna be super-duper protected, surf the Web with Firefox or move to OS X (sorry, gang) and run Windows apps through Parallels. For more tips on keeping your computer clean, stay tuned to the podcast or our YouTube channel.

Taken from: Lockergnome