Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Alphabetize Your Start Menu

My start menue was in afibetical order but not it is not. It is very hard to find the program I want to use without looking threw the complete list. Is there a way to Alphabetize this list like it was before. Thanks, Roy B.

How to Alphabetize Your Start Menu Folders

For Windows XP

1. Begin by first clicking on the Start Button.
2. Then move your mouse over the All Programs icon to display all Start Menu folders.
3. If your Start Menu is set to the Classic View, move your mouse over the Programs folder instead.
4. Now, move your mouse over any of your listed menu folders such as Accessories, etc.
5. While holding your mouse still, Press the Right Mouse Button.
6. This will open a menu for you to now click on the Sort by Name selection.
7. And as a result, your Programs Menu Folders will be neatly arranged alphabetically.
8. This procedure also applies to all Sub-Menu folders as well. Simply press the Right Mouse Button.
9. Then click on the Sort by Name selection within the menu area you want to alphabetize.
10. Poof they are now in order. Thanks for your question.....Jack