Monday, November 27, 2006

Can't delete single files

Q: I can't delete single files from cd-rw I've made. when I try to delete a single file from the cd-rw a box comes up saying this file is read-only. I then try to change the read-only attribute and can't do that either. I have to erase all files on the cd-rw to delete one file. Is this with win. xp or am I doing something wrong.

A: You cannot delete individual files from a CD-RW. Unlike a hard drive, a CD is optical media where you etch or "burn" the information on to the CD. The RW is only rewritable in the sense that one can erase all the files and redo the process multiple times as compared to a CDR which is burn once only.

If you are looking for portable storage with the flexibility to add/delete/modify individual files, look into getting a usb flash drive. They are very inexpensive nowadays, and are extremely handy.

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