Sunday, November 19, 2006

$400 LapTop - any good ?

I am seeing news items about several retailers that are selling laptop computers for under $400… are these systems any good?

I am going to give you my honest feeling on this one, but many will disagree. If this laptop will be a second computer that will not be running games or you will not be editing photos with a high end graphics program the low end and low price one will be just fine. I have a HP low end laptop that I have had for about two years and I just love it. I have a WiFi system that lets me set out on the swing outside or on the back deck with about 45 minutes of battery life. When I'm in the easy chair I pug in the AC power supply. I do all the heavy graphics on the big computer and I am not a gamer. I must tell you I use the laptop as much as 3 to 1 over the other 4 tower computers in the house. I have all, including the laptop on a network and this allows me to import documents and photos from the towers to the laptop to work on from a distance. If you are going to have only one computer I would not go for a low end laptop as you will need the extra speed and hard drive storage. I feel it is more important to get repair service if needed, and on a laptop you will most likely need it. Lapetops wear out, yes its true, you will drop it, or the AC power supply/charger will fail, you can count on it. Check out the the manufacture repair policy before you lay down the bucks. HP low end laptops are covered perfect while in the one year warrenty, but after that one year.........Good luck. Plan also on up-grading the RAM. Most will come with 256 but to run much faster and better get 512 or one Meg. If you buy it this time of year (November) check to see if it will run Vista, coming in January 2007. Hope this answer has helped, thanks for your question.

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