Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I just bought a new computer

I just bought a new computer and want to move some of the programs on my old computer to my new one, especially Microsoft Office. How can this be done.

You said move, and this is an important word. Copy may not be legal, you must read the licensing that you agreed to when you installed the software or activated the computer. Yes I know no one ever reads it, we just check the agree box and go on with the installing. Most software companies state that you may only use their software on one computer at a time. This means you can reload it on your new computer but then it must be deleted on the old one. You just have to read the licence to know what they permite.

Now to answer what you ask, It is very difficult to copy or move a program from hard drive to hard drive. There are expencive programs that will try to do this, but I have found they work poorly at best. Here is one, but there are many to choose from. You should do a clean install then move the files that were created with the program. Most files will be stored in "My Documents" folder. You can copy them on to CD, thumdrive, or network. You say, "I don't have the CD as it was installed on my computer when I bought it?" Well, to make a long story very short, You most likely are out of luck. Some times Microsoft Office comes as a three month trial on new machines. You then pay the money to keep it working after the trial period on that computer. Most likely you will not have the install diskettes as it was loaded on the hard drive. Here again you are out of luck. This is called OEM (pronounced as separate letters) short for original equipment manufacturer. OEM software is not to be transferred from the computer it came on, "end of story".

It is always best to buy a computer with nothing except the OS (operating system) but this is hard to do with the name brands such as Dell, Gateway, E-machine, or HP. Make sure you get the OS and any program dissects. This may be imposible, but you can ask anyway. Some years ago Compact supplied me with a complete set of CDs, after I complained big time.

Some times the software to do work with the computer will be more expensive than the computer itself.

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