Thursday, February 02, 2006

Photo Stacker

Almost everyone has a digital camera now and a folder full of photos. If you want to create a desk top like no other try this free program from Krrrk. The guys at wanted an easy way to take random pictures and generate a unique desktop wallpaper. It actually evolved from their obsession with CD album art (CD Stacker came well before) but their friends didn't have many mp3s so their wallpaper sucked. As a way to keep the peace, they made it work with their digital photos instead - something everyone seems to have tons of. Download this program and have a fun time running it over and over till you settle on your masterpiece. If you have wallpaper now on your desk top that you want to keep, make sure you back it up so you can restore it in the future. Read from the page for more info and to download.

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