Sunday, February 05, 2006

AVG False Positive

About everytime AVG virus scans my drive it comes up with one or more virus infected files. These files have the word Java inserted in the name. Attempting to remove the infected files I did a search with Google and found very little information on the viruses, why ? because the files are not considered virus infected. AVG finds these files and considers them to be viruses but they are not. How to remove them came from a very hard to find search, but the fix is very simple.

With XP OS
Go to the control panel and click on "Java Plug In". Click on the tab called "Cache", now click on "Clear", A window will pop up, Click "Yes". Thats it, click the "X" at top right to close out. Run AVG again and the virus alert is gone. The cache being cleared has no effect on the performance of your computer that I have found.

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