Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Broadband Internet compared to dial-up

I was at a young lady's home installing a piece of software she was having trouble getting to run. I found it must have Microsoft's Direct X v.9.0 to install. I went to the download page and found that the file was 42 Megabyte. She had a dial-up Internet provider and this told me it was going to be a long wait for the download to complete, so I started the download and left. The time was 2 PM, at 7:35 she called me and said it was complete. Seven hours thirty-five minutes it took. I told her to click the file to start the install, but the file was corrupt, all that time wasted. I told her not to worry that I would download it, burn it to CD and deliver it the next morning. I started the 42 Meg. download and 3 minutes later I had the file ready to burn to CD. It took longer to burn than to download it. Seven hours thirty-five minutes verses three minutes ! Plus her download was corrupt and worthless. Her connection was good for dial-up 50k, my broadband connection was 3 1/2 Meg. I'm just telling you if you can get broadband (and not all can) think about it. DSL from your phone company is about the same cost as dial-up or lower in cost. Cable is higher but faster, Satellite is slow, high in price, but better than dial-up if you can't get cable or DSL and want to pay the price. Not all need a faster connection speed, but if your time is a consideration, go for broadband.

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