Sunday, March 08, 2020

Its been a long time

After months I have decided to start posting again. I have been away from this blog for over 6 months now. If you know or don't know my dear wife Betty suffered a stroke and I am her care taker 90% of the time. I do have a lady that comes 2 times a day to help out. I am home inside and can only be away for only about one hour. I am thankful that I can take advantage of my Ham Radio hobby to pass some of the time. I have been using some of my low power (QRP) radios with 5 watts or less. I have also been trying to contact 100 countries on the 80 meter band. As of today I have 95 worked. My 80 meter antenna is 64 foot vertical straight up and will have to come down when the thunder storms come soon as it will be a big lightning rod. Most of my low power work is done with CW (code like di dau dau) slow speed. I find with my old age my code speed is at a receive speed of about 13 words per minute. This is pretty slow, try talking to someone that slow. Fast would be 35 WPM. I do talk on the radio each morning with friends mostly in Indiana on the Indiana Traffic Net on 3.910 MHZ.
This was just a blerb that I decided to post today. If I think of any news or what I think may be of interest I will try to post it. ..... So check back from time to time. Thanks for reading.