Sunday, March 22, 2020

Almost made it

The giant 80 meter 1/4 wave vertical that was installed Oct. 20th, 2019 is now cranked down and the 20 of the 40 radials will be rolled up soon before grass mowing season. It is 64 foot tall and would be a perfect lightning target. I wanted to contact 100 countries with it but I got stalled at 95, So close ! It will go back up next fall when the thunder storms are over. Believe me it was a very fun chase.
Here are just a few of the countries I contacted:

CT3MD 2020-03-02 80m FT8 IM13tb Madeira Island
VK9NK 2020-03-02 80m FT8 Norfolk Island
ZD7BG 2020-02-16 80m FT8 St Helena Island
Z35T 2020-01-29 80m FT8 KN11cr North Macedonia Rep
C5GCJ 2020-01-26 80m FT8 The Gambia
4O4A 2020-01-14 80m FT8 JN92nc Montenegro
A45XR 2019-11-26 80m FT8 LL93do Oman
3D2AG 2019-11-21 80m FT8 RH91fv Fiji
ZA/IK2RLM 2019-11-21 80m FT8 JN91vh Albania
J79WTA 2019-11-20 80m FT8 FK95gk Dominica
PJ5/SP6EQZ 2019-11-20 80m FT8 Saba, St Eustatius
FO5QB 2019-11-18 80m FT8 BH52ek French Polynesia
JA4DHN 2019-11-12 80m FT8 PM64tm Japan
VK2DX 2019-10-29 80m FT8 QF56OE44 Australia
VP8EME 2019-10-26 80m FT8 GD18bh Falkland Islands