Sunday, April 07, 2019

Clear cache in Google Chrome

I did a web page and named a photo, like xxx.jpg It was then
deleted after a week, then a few weeks later I uploaded a
photo with the same name to the same web page.
Viewers of the page started calling telling me it was showing
the older photo. When I looked at the page it was correct
displaying the new photo. I told them to type F5 and if this
does not display the the correct photo then you must clear
the cache. Here is how:

Open Google Chrome browser
Type: shift+Ctrl+delete
At the top of the pop-up window pull down how far back in time
try 7 days first, then further back if that does not work
Then Scroll down
Put a check mark in the box that you want to clear
Probably only the Images and Files, Don't clear anything that
you don't know what it is.
Then click "Clear Data" at the bottom. Close the window and
reload the page in question, Do you see the new photo ? If not
Go back further in time. or maybe "All Time"

If you are using Internet Explorer browser:
Click HERE 

Good luck .......... Jack