Monday, November 12, 2018

You just can't be nice

I'm retired and enjoy just setting in the porch swing doing nothing some of the time. While swinging away I catch the site of some people walking toward my house. I watch them and when they get closer I see a young mother with several small kids. One of the boys is carrying a gas can. They get in front of my house, I yell are you out of gas, Yes the mother replies in a tired disgusting voice. I told her to wait a minute. I went to my backyard shed and retrieved my gas can. I ask where is your car, she told me it was about one forth mile down the road. I told them to get in my car and I would take them back and get the car started. Upon ariving at there car I poured in the fuel and started the car. She ask me what do I owe you, I told her nothing as I may be out of gas some day and she could help me. About a year later my phone rang and it was the lady that I helped. I have a computer repair business and she had computer trouble. She brought me the computer and in a few hours I called to tell her it was fixed. She came and picked the computer up, paid the bill and off she went. A few months later she called again, She told me her computer was hit by lightning and she had several other computers she would give me if I would fix the lightning damaged computer. I said I would do that. A day or two passed and she brought me about six old slow computers that had been stored in an unheated out building for about three years. There was other things like incomplete sets of floppy disks, fax machines, monitors, and other non-working things. I carried the one she wanted fixed into the shop. The burnt ozone smell was coming from it. I told her that it smelled and when they smell burnt it is most likely all over. I told her I would look at it and see what I could do to fix it. I took the case off and started testing, it was real bad, lightning had done the big number on it. Most of it was damaged and un-repairable. I called her and told her the computer was not repairable at all. I told her I may be able to repair one of the other computers, This was OK with her. I started taking the other computers apart to retreative workable parts. Not many were found so I took some of my used parts and pieced together a slow 400 Mhz. workable computer. I sorted through the pile of parts and found almost nothing I wanted to keep. It was all going to be thrown away. I called her telling her I had a workable computer now ready for her to pick up. When she came for the computer I told her I made a bad deal as all of the parts she gave me was going to the garbage. She told me she had a dumpster at her home and would take it all back to the dumpster if I'd like. I told her fine and one of her kids loaded it all up. There was two computer cases and the one lightning damaged one setting away from the others. I was going to keep these for the cases. She said nothing about wanting these back. The value of the three was nothing. She told me she had several years of photos on the lightning damaged one. I told her I would try to save them but most times I can't. She said do I owe you anything. I said it would be nice if she gave me $35.00, she agreed and wrote me a check. She laughed and said it was her boyfriends bank account. I laughed and told her she had better hang on to a boyfriend that would let her have his checkbook. Off she went happy as a lark. I did tell her I would call if I could save her photos. The next day I removed the hard drive and after much time and sweat I burnt the pictures to CD. I called her telling her the good news, she said she would come the next day to pick up the CD. The door bell rang, It was her daughter wanting the CD. I also gave her a game CD that I had found in the CD ROM. She ask me if she could take the lightning damaged computer back home with her. I told her I had already put it out for the trash and it was gone. She said OK and left. Now comes the good part. In about a week the phone rang the party said he wanted his computer back because he had a lot of money in it. I told him I no longer had it as it was put out with the garbage. After telling me he had a lot of money in that computer about six times he said OK thanks and hung up the phone. In about another week I get a certified letter from the lady telling me I had stolen her computer and  sold it. She was going to take me to small claims court. Also she wrote not to call, email, or talk to her. At the end of the letter she said "I'll be waiting to hear from you". I never called or talked to her after receiving the letter. Another two or three weeks go by and her boyfriend called to tell me that she wanted him to call and ask what I was going to do. I told him I was not going to negotiate with him as he was not in the deal. He told me a few times that he had a lot of money in that computer but he was calm and said OK good by. Now for the real good part. The phone rings a few days latter and she tells me she is filling out the court papers this day. I just said "OK fine" Now she goes wild screaming if you don't quit stocking me I am going to have a guy from Holton beat you up. I said WHOOOO what are you taking about. She tells me I followed her from New Marion to Holton and she has three witnesses to prove it. She also said I was terrifying her children. I just said,"This conversation is over" and hung up the phone. I have not been in either town for about a year. I have never now or in the past stalked anyone, So I have no idea where she is coming from. I went and told this same story to the sheriff's deputy, He said yaw I know these people and I'll talk to them and get back to you. He took my phone number but never called back. This is not the end of the story I'm sure. I'll write the ending soon, that is if I can type with broken arms or am not dead ! I am carrying a gun now, I have my guns loaded in my locked house and I watch the rear view mirror very closely when I travail. The sheriff has their names, so if I come up dead or missing read him this letter. To be not continued "I hope".

Nothing from the sheriff or the lady  has been heard. Yes, you just cant be nice.