Sunday, November 11, 2018

Versailles Indiana High School class photos

If you have the time look at Versailles Indiana High School class photos. I will bet you will see a few old friends there. This page is a winner. I get lots of great comments about it, It has all the class photos from 1929 to 1966 that lined the study hall wall and a few others such as the band, basketball teams, and Sunshine girls.
I have these photos scanned and digitized, so if you need any or all, let me know. I have them in  hi-res format for printing.

Much work by a few dedicated people went into creating this page for you.
Please thank Ken Sheets, Charley Pangburn, and myself.

**** Note
...... Jack Demaree's photo does not appear. Here is  a quote from Principle Forest Waters, " For the good of the community and Versailles High School you will no-longer be permitted to attend Versailles High School".