Sunday, March 05, 2017

Pitcairn Island

I seen the Pitcairn Is. group VP6EU on 30 meters JT65 this morning.(3/5/17) I called several times but the West Coast  guys beat me out every time. I think they leave today. Oh Well I have them on SSB and several bands, but this was many years ago. This was when Tom Christian was still alive and making a good living off QSL cards. I sent my dollars just like every one else. The call I worked Pitcairn Is. with was VR6TC The TC was for Tom Christian. The cards I had were red tint instead of blue tho.

VR6TC Tom Christian 1935 - 2013
This was in the early 1970s - lots of great radio memories back then.

...... Jack WB9OTX

Thanks to:
JH1IFS for the use of his QSL card. 
The Telegraph newspaper