Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Catch a Falling Star

50 Mhz. Meteor scatter is a new mode for me. After about 50 yrs. in the Ham Radio hobby this is one that I have missed. I found communicating via a streaking meteor is much easier than I expected. I was never too excited running 6 meters in the past, but this is a new challenge. If you can transmit 25 watts or more, have a computer, and some time you can work other stations via a meteor trail. Don't give up if you are not going to be one of the big gun boys. I have made contacts with 25 watts and a dipole antenna.
But it takes time and patience The bigger the antenna and higher wattage will increase contacts and slow wait time. Give it a try, Its habit forming.
......... Jack WB9OTX
A beginner’s guide to meteor-scatter communicat

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