Monday, January 18, 2016

CCC "Civilian Conservation Corps"

The Civilian Conservation Corps came into being in the spring of 1933. It's goal was twofold: to provide needed economic relief to families suffering from the effects of the Great Depression and to protect and develop the natural resources of the United States. We strive to honor the contribution that the CCC, "The Boys" of the corps made to our country and to our natural environment.

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There is a little known place just West of Versailles that has no access road, you will have to do a short walk to arrive at the location, and after you get there you will not see anything except an explosives bunker and some chiseled out square stones. This was the site of the CCC quarry. Most of the stone was taken from this sight to form the wall to the right just past the entrance of the Versailles State Park, altho, standing in the midst of this forgotten quarry you can imagine the sounds and sights of the many men of the CCC.

There is a monument honoring the workers located in front of the Versailles State Park office. Next time in the park stop to view and read the plaque.... A little known piece of our history that most have forgotten or never knew......  Jack
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