Saturday, October 25, 2014

Kenwood TS-130V QRP

I have had this radio about a year but the VFO was defective. I bought a VFO but it was for a 120 and would not work. Months went by before I found another one and this one was for a 130. I installed it and it now tunes like it should. Another problem was the dial light was out and after reading in a 130  forum I learned where to order a replacement LED. It arrived and the radio was disassembled and the LED inserted where the condesant one was. The covers were put on, the power switch flipped, and we now have a light green dial light. This weekend was the CQ magazine's world wide SSB contest and the bands were wide open. I worked several countries all over Europe with only 10 watts of power. Tons of QRM but all stations heard were contacted. Yes I did have to call some of them 3 or 4 times. I used 10 and 20 meters with my triband beam antenna. This radio has a grate receiver and good out going audio. I guess its a keeper.