Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All good thing must come to an end

REMC turned my electric off for about 5 seconds and when it came back on my video on the mother board was fried. The operating system was XP and the new computer has Winows 7. Lots of the programs that ran perfect on XP will not run at all on Windows 7. That said, no more scanner audio and the Web cam will drop to one image. Oh did i say I have to buy a new laser printer because HP will not code a driver for Windows 7. My Ham Radio logging program will run but I lost an ARRL signature file. I had to reinstall about 2500 records. As I type this I am waiting on the copy of the old C drive to the new D drive. I have several other programs to install yet. I have a torn mussel in my back and shoulder and can only work for just a few minutes at a time. I guess it will all work out, it will just take lots of time... Jack
I have installed 2 new uninterrupted power sours (UPS) - they will protect from power spikes and outages in the future.