Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weather Satellites & Images I have received

Hurricane Esther was the first tropical cyclone to be discovered by satellite imagery. The fifth tropical cyclone, fifth named storm, and fifth hurricane of 1961 Atlantic hurricane season, Esther developed from an area of disturbed weather hundreds of miles west-southwest of the southernmost Cape Verde Islands on September 10. Moving northwestward, the depression strengthened into Tropical Storm Esther on September 11, before reaching hurricane intensity on the following day
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Katrrina received by WB9OTX
A few years ago I gathered the equipment, most home brew but some commercial to receive weather satellites. I built a experimental folded loop dipole antenna with a lower reflector made from discarded FM radio antennas. Peamp and low loss feedline were used. With much experimentation and time perfect images were received. This was one of the many highlights of my Ham Rado carrier.
See just a few of the images that I received HERE

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