Sunday, March 09, 2014

GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition - Camcorder

I just go crazy for new gadgets and when I saw some of the action videos taken with the GoPro on TV I knew I had to have one. I ordered it from Amazon but if you're in a hurry WalMart has it and also a large supply of mounts. You will need a flash card as none comes with the camera. I purchased a 64 Meg but a 32 would be OK and less cost for most. The battery & flash card will record for over an hour. I perchased the suction cup mount so I could attach it to the windshield. This little jewel works perfect and holds the camera very secure. I will tell you that all of the mounts are overpriced, so get ready to open the billfold. I have an android tablet, there is an app for it and the android phones also. This app is very helpful to align the camera and to program the unit, its free. All and all,  I just love this camera, what else can I say.
I lead a fairly boring life so I think you will never see an action video shot from my camera on TV, but it is fun to see where you have been on a short drive. See a video I shot just driving around Versailles.
The GoPro also takes hi-res still and time laps images. See some here.