Saturday, November 30, 2013

Windows 8 Nightmare

It all started with a new out of the box Gateway computer with Windows 8 on it. No one likes Windows 8 so I tried to install Windows 7, but I found out you can't. So I tried to take a $100 loss but no takers. Then I read that Microsoft came out with 8.1. 8.1 has a real live start button so I decided to download the up grade. The nightmare began with you had to have a Microsoft log in pass word. You get that by getting a Outlook mail account, I had one already. It took about an hour to download. It took another hour to install. I hate log on passwords but I had to enter my Outlook pass word to get it to boot up. Now I'm ready to see all the improvements from version 8 to 8.1. Sorry Charley, 8.1 stinks just as bad as 8 My advice is if for some unknown reason you like version 8 you might want to upgrade to 8.1, but if like me and do not like 8, don't waste your time. I'm going to restore version 8 to it so as maybe I can sell it. I could never sell it with all of my information in it. I just hope Windows 7 hangs around for a long time to come.
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