Thursday, May 17, 2012

Let there be light

I bought a halogen security light for the wind turbine tower and wired a photo cell in to have it turn on at dark and off at daylight. The thing never worked for me after screwing with it for an hour. I looked for a 12 volt timer but could only find ones that shipped from Hong Kong. I remembered having a 120 volt unit but I had not seen it for years. I have so much stuff it takes hours of searching to find anything. After about an hour I found it in the over full desk drawer. It is a digital one and no docs for it. I went on line and I couldn't believe it but I found the directions on how to program it. (very complicated) I hooked the batteries to a 400 watt inverter then to the timer. and a wire to the light. A quick test with the bypass button and the light lit. I set it to auto and buttoned everything back up in the waterproof box. Tonight at 9:15 I will see if it comes on. I have a square wave inverter and found out that floesant lights do not work well with them. A pure sine wave is much more costly but would work with the normal security lights I'm sure. Poor people have poor ways. Make do with what you've got and you won't need what you have not. Keep your fingers crossed tonight at 9:15.
Low & Behold it works !