Monday, August 29, 2011

Don't be sorry - back up

It's not often that a second hard drive mechanically fails but this past week mine did. As luck would have it, it was the computer that I edit web pages with. I could do no work (make money) till I retrieved my files. I am a back up fanatic for the simple reason it has happend to me so many times in the past. I decided the "C" drive would be pushed into holding what was lost on the "D" drive, So my trusty FTP program went into action. I created a directory called "HTML" and added the sub-directories, Used the FTP program to download all of the files for the web pages that were loaded on my web host's server. After a few glitches I was back in business. Always leave yourself an out. Have your files at a place where you can retrieve them, May it be on a 2nd drive, a thumb drive, a CD or DVD, or on a server on the internet. Keep your address book, word documents, photos, and anything else you can't afford to loose. It will happen to you. There are several places to store files for free on the web. A good place to store photos is And word documents and spreadsheets is Google Docs. Don't be sorry - back up.