Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Paul Dixon

I was talking to a friend about the old TV shows we watched when we were kids. Paul Dixon was one we both remembered. When I returned home I looked up a few shows we talked about and here is what was found about Paul Baby....... Jack

The Paul Dixon Show after having aired on the DuMont network from September 29, 1952 to April 8, 1955, premiered on Cincinnati's WLWT in 1955. The show began as a half-hour program, but later expanded to 90 minutes with co-hosts Bonnie Lou and Colleen Sharp. Avco Broadcasting Corporation, who owned WLWT, syndicated Dixon's show in other markets where they owned TV stations, including Columbus and Dayton, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana. "Paul Baby", as he came to be known (the nickname was given him by a prop boy) had a breezy style and a sense of humor that appealed to housewives and others alike.
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