Saturday, March 12, 2011

Laughery Creek Bridge

The Laughery Creek Bridge is an abandoned truss bridge on the border of Dearborn County, Indiana and Ohio County, Indiana. It crosses Laughery Creek. This bridge was built in 1878. The Wrought Iron Bridge Company, a prolific late 19th century bridge company, constructed the bridge. The bridge is seated on stone abutments. The deck surface is not original and is currently concrete. The bridge, nearly 300 feet in length, is a single span pin connected triple intersection Pratt through truss, and is the only example in the world of this truss type. After closing in the 1970s, the bridge fell into serious disrepair, landing it on the Indiana’s 10 Most Endangered places list in 1993. A combination of federal funds and matching funds from Dearborn and Ohio Counties allowed the bridge to be refurbished and converted to pedestrian use in 2009.
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