Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Its not if - Its when

When a customer drops off a computer and it is hopelessly crashed the only thing I can do is re-format the drive and reload the operating system. Most times all data, pictures, documents, and everything else is lost. You can prevent this by backing up your files, but no one seems to do this. There are many ways to back up, weather it be to DVD/CD, flash drive, or floppy. A new way is on an external hard drive. Staples has a sale on now of the best system I have seen. It is the Maxtor OneTouch 4. This is a USB connected hard drive with software that makes a daily back up of the files you choose or the complete system. I would highly advise anyone with files that you do not want to loose buy one of these. Why? because it is a no brainier, Set it up and forget about it. You will not loose you files when the crash comes and believe me it will. It sells for less than $100 and is a great safeguard. See it here:

From Seagate/Maxtor page:

Maxtor OneTouch 4
Sometimes the simplest backup solution is the best. With the Maxtor OneTouch 4 external hard drive, protecting all your photos, videos, music, and data files is as easy as one touch of the button. The simple software makes it easy to backup files automatically, manage power or utilities, and restore backup data if needed. For those who want to keep safe all that defines you - all that you capture, share, and create - this simple storage solution is ideal for the PC and Mac home user. And with a Maxtor OneTouch 4 external drive you can keep all your digital memories in one safe, convenient place, onsite where you need it most.