Friday, January 25, 2008

Spam never ending

This morning when I opened my email I had 104 messages that arrived overnight in these 104 was only 3 that were not spam or silly forwarded messages. These 3 were read, the rest were deleted. Please remember that the list of displyed email addresses most likly fall into a spammers data base for his massive mailings. Think before you forward a message, Does the receiving party really want to receive it ? Has he/she seen it before ? Please read the following to help cut down on the spam we are all receiving.

You need to protect your email friends, as well as the poor people who have already fallen prey to massively forwarded emails containing their addresses.

To do this, simply send any email to yourself and BCC the recipients. Just click the CC button at the top of the new or forwarded mail and add the addresses from your address book into the BCC field. If you’re only sending to one person you can skip this of course, but you should always do this when sending to multiple people.

To help protect the downline addresses you see listed at the top of these massive forwards just remember when you click on Forward you are creating a new “document” and you can edit it. Scroll to a line just above the start of the actual message, left click to the far right of the offending message and while holding the left mouse button drag the cursor all the way to the top left. That entire section should turn blue (or some other color if you’ve changed your preferences) indicating that is now selected. Release the mouse button and click the Delete key on the keyboard. All of the email addresses in the message will disappear.

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