Thursday, January 17, 2008

My ol' friend the hawk

It is a cool snowy morning here in Versailles and this makes for just looking out the window. I seen my ol' friend the hawk perched on a limb looking for his next meal. My wild birds have almost disappeared because of this hawk. I wish he would find another hunting ground, but I guess I will just enjoy watching him and not the other birds that he has frightened away.

Image was made with a Canon Rebel and a 800mm lens. Shot in RAW format then changed to TIF then to JPG for this email. Croped to 640 X 480 - Distance was about 500 ft away from the camera.

This is not a Red Tail hawk that is most common, Can you tell me what kind he is ?

I have found this hawk is a Sharp-Shinned hawk - see other photos at: