Monday, January 15, 2007

large photo via email

Someone sent me a very large photo via email and it is so big I can't see but just a small part of the picture. I use Outlook Express for reading mail. Is there a way to make it smaller to view the complete image ?

You need to save the photo first to your hard drive. You can put it in "my pictures" or any other directory, just make sure you know where you put it. Save it under a name that you can recognize. If you saved it to "my pictures" you can click "My Documents", then "My Pictures". Then click on the file's name that you saved it under. Now your defalt image viewing program should let you see the complete photo. If not there should be a minus (-) sign to shrink it down to size. If you are an advanced user you can open it with any other imaging program you have, such as Paint Shop Pro, Paint, Pacasa, ACDSee, etc, etc.

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