Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ham Radio Grid Locator

Find that grid online

If you are looking for a particular grid square, then Laurent Haas, F6FVY, may have exactly what you need.

He has programmed a tool based on Google Earth so that you can click on any spot in the world and the corresponding full grid locator is automatically displayed. Go to F6FVY’s website to use the free service. Adjust the map to the desired location and click on the spot you want to know the data on. A small window will pop up with longitude, latitude, and grid square locator. The website is:
When you arrive at the Web Page click the minus (-) sign on the Left of the page to display the USA. Then drag the centered map to the location you want to find the grid square for. Then you can zoom in with the plus (+) sign. I like the satellite view or hybrid view, but look at the map view too, as it may help you locate the exact location of the grid.

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