Thursday, May 04, 2006

Net Zero is a Zero

Net Zero, You've seen it advertised on TV and on the Internet also. It is very low priced, this is the big selling point with this ISP. (internet service provider) I have had the poor luck of working on two computers that use this ISP. I just have one thing to say, "it stinks". It falls into the same rating as Wal-Mart and AOL, maybe worse if that's possible. If you can get Verizon DSL this is the way to go. If you want poor customer service and the run a round when you have a problem, but very high speed, get cable internet. If you are out of range of these two services, pick a dial-up ISP where you do not have to use their software. A good one is Cross Paths. Earthlink is good but with a very high price tag. Check with your neighbor or the computer guru to see what ISP they use. Do not sign up for one year, pay by the month. There are hundreds of ISPs to choose from, Look here. One other note, Do not pay for the accelerator some ISPs offer, it's a joke, but it sounds good. Just stay away from Net Zero, its a looser for sure.

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