Friday, May 05, 2006

Clean Out Outlook Express

I looked at my Wife's computer yesterday and found that she had hundreds of deleted messages in OE (Outlook Express). I use another mail program but I know most of you use OE. All these deleted emails are just taking up room and need to be removed. My wife tells me there are a few she would like to keep, So I made a new folder to keep them in called "Keep Me". She now will just drag & drop the email she wants to keep into this new folder.

First we must make the "Keep Me" folder. To do this make sure the folders are displayed.

At the top left of OE click "View"
Then "Layout"
Check mark "Folder List" - you may want "contacts" also, thats up to you.
Click "Apply" then "OK"
Right Click "Local Folders"
Left Click "New Folder"
Type "Keep Me"
Left Click "OK"
Now look at the folders list and you should see "Keep Me" in the list.

When you receive an email that you want to keep, do the drag and drop thing into Keep Me.
What, You don't know how to Drag & Drop ?

1. Select the envalope at the left of the message you want to move,
2. Left-click the envalope and continue holding down the mouse button.
3. Move the mouse cursor to the destination where you want to place the email, in this case "Keep Me"
4. Release the mouse button on top of "Keep Me".

Now that wasn't so bad was it ? Go back and look through all the emails you would like to store in the Keep Me folder. After you have dropped them all in Keep Me folder you can delete the rest saving hard drive space. About once a week delete the emails in the "Deleted Items" filder.

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