Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Am I Nut - I guess I am

Well - I'm the nut.

Now why would I think that anyone would want to see live streaming video from the courthouse lawn or the 421 - 50 intersection here in Versailles ? I only received one email and he wanted to know if it could be a porn site. At least he did reply. I guess I hear the beat of a different drum.

That's OK - I'll just stream the video so I can see it myself, and you can pay the dumpy paper megabucks for your little 2 X 3 inch ad in a box that no one will ever read.


I need your input.
I would like to instal a real time video stream from a popular and interesting location near Versailles. It would have to have access to a phone line and electricity. The camera would be active 24 hours a day and people could view it from any Internet location. There would be advertisements from businesses wanting to sponsor or help with the cost. The cost for this project would run plus or minus $500 to install. Please email telling me where you think a good place to install the camera, also if you would like to help with the cost or ad your business page to the site. Email me at:

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